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     Hi, I’m Bailey. I love to have fun and that is the mission of my company. For me fun starts with making. I make all sorts of things, from furniture, to art, to clothes and home goods. So it was only a matter of time before the things I made found there way into the bedroom. 


     Now that they have, making for me has reached all new levels of fun and lead me to found Totally Normal Fun. Inc. Founded in 2019 the works of Totally Normal Fun. Inc have been featured at a variety of sex positive events around the country and can be purchased on-line through our etsy site. We hope we have something that strikes your fancy.

     Letting your imagination go can be hard as an adult. But it keeps us on our toes and help us find unexpected delight. So value your creativity and respect your sexual health. Exploring your fantasies will help you grow, build your confidence, and most importantly, is totally normal.


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Totally Normal Fun

Chicago, IL

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